Steel Garage Doors

Features & Benefits

There are some very distinct advantages in purchasing a sectional door from Kapiti Garage Doors.

Firstly our doors offer ultimate security. Because the doors have a unique design with the panels situated behind the door opening when closed, it leaves no gaps. Therefore it is virtually impossible to force open whether manual or automatic operation.

Secondly our doors are fully weather sealed. Doors seal behind jams against a mohair strip when closed. A 'Bulb' type seal is fitted to the bottom of the door to close against the floor surface stopping the elements from reaching inside your garage.

Thirdly our doors have a very rigid construction. All our doors are supplied with anti-sag torsion bars. This makes our sectional doors substantially stronger than other doors and resists the tendency to blow in.



Colorsteel doors should only be used in homes at least 1.5 kms from the sea. Colorsteel will not warranty their product inside this line and alternatives should be looked into: namely Cedar or Powdercoated Aluminium.


Our Service

We install, service, and repair steel sectional garage doors Wellington, Porirura, Kapiti Coast, and Levin wide.


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