Garage Door Repairs & Servicing

Your garage door should be serviced every two years, but there are things you should do also to keep your door running smoothly:

  1. Check all wheels are running freely and in line. If the nylon of the wheel is being cut away, then it is not running where it should and should be replaced.
  2. Check tracks are not bent or buckled.
  3. Check tracks are clean of dirt and grease. Grease is NOT a lubricant when it is full of grit and gunge. Grease should NEVER be used on tracks, as It works like a handbrake after a while.
  4. Spray a silicon spray onto all moving parts. ie wheels, hinges and pivots.
  5. Wash your door. As you wash your car to keep it looking good, and protected, so you should give the door the same care. Rain on the door is great for washing off dirt and salt laden gunge, which if left, will tarnish the finish and in some cases rust under the paint. Unfortunately rain can't get to all of the door, because of eaves and lintols. A good wash with the carwash water and brush will help your door stay looking much better for longer.
  6. Springs can break. Nobody can predict when. But it is usually when you least expect it. These springs are under huge tension when the door closes and SHOULD NOT BE REPAIRED BY ANYONE OTHER THAN AN APPROVED TECHNICIAN.
  7. We recommend spring retainers are attached to all tilt springs. These are simply applied and whilst they won't stop the spring from breaking, they will stop them ricocheting around the garage when they do!


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