New Garage Door Installation

There are several things to consider when looking at the options of a garage door.


Roller doors

  • Reasonably priced and very efficient.
  • Work well with auto openers
  • Large choice of colours
  • open vertically... don't kick out at the bottom
  • Do not open back along the ceiling


  • We don't recommend double doors with auto opening
  • There will always be a gap along the top as the door closes.
  • Cannot be made in corrosion resistant aluminium
  • Require a larger 'headspace' to fit the roll in

Roller Door Framing Requirements


Roller Door Framing Requirements



Tilt Doors

  • Fit where 'headroom' and 'sideroom' are very limited
  • Can be made in most materials


  • Usually the most expensive option/li>
  • Can have problems operating in windy conditions (where isn't windy these days)
  • Exposed springs which can be dangerous and unsightly
  • Kick out at bottom when opening
  • Dated operating system
  • Gaps around the door.


Sectional Doors

  • Can be made in most materials. (new ones are dreamed up every other day!)
  • Colorsteel, powdercoated or natural metal or timber to suit your decor
  • Very secure from the weather and the 'undesirables'
  • Open vertically and lay flat along the ceiling
  • Very quiet operation
  • Modern
  • Weathersealed around the opening
  • Can be insulated to turn your garage into another warm, usable room
  • Both sidespring and overhead springs are available


  • An absolute minimum 150mm 'headroom' is required (230mm desirable)(see diagram)
  • A minimum 150mm sideroom is recommended

Sectional Door Framing Requirements and Clearances


Sectional Door Framing Requirements

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