Cedar Garage Doors

Features & Benefits

Cedar doors are the natural timber choice.

Each cedar door features the look of quality craftsmanship with the sturdy construction and distinctive beauty of timber.

Each cedar door is custom made to suit individual requirements and to fit perfectly with the look of your home.

Because cedar is a natural product, suitable protection and continual maintenance will be required to keep the door operating and looking its best at all times.

There are many sealers and stains on the market. But we prefer a penetrating type of stain to protect the timber, as opposed to a surface treatment.

We receive the doors in a raw state and they need sealing straight away, preferably before installation.

You can have this done yourself or we can organize to have it done for you.

We do not recommend Cedar doors to face north or northwest, as the sun, in the heat of the day, is incredibly harsh on the timber. Drive down a street with cedar doors in it and note how the north facing ones are in a lot worse state than those facing away from the sun.


Our Service

We install, service, and repair cedar sectional garage doors Wellington, Porirura, Kapiti Coast, and Levin wide.


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